Sunday, 23 December 2018

The Story of Melina - who lived with her parents in a village near Sikkim

There was a young beautiful woman named Melina who lived with her parents in a village near Sikkim. She was studying to become a doctor. After she had completed MBBS, she managed to win a scholarship for studies in USA. She got her Master Degree and came back to serve in India while her friends stayed back. Melina's father was not happy with his daughter's decision. He wanted his daughter to make America her home, earn a lot of money and finally invite her parents and brother also to settle down in America. But Melina was adamant. “My country has spent thousands of rupees in educating me. I have to repay this debt. The only way I can do it is by serving the people here. Moreover, India and it's villages need good doctors.

She worked in a government hospital in the city. A year later an epidemic broke out in the nearby villages. Melina left immediately to serve these suffering people. She didn't even inform her parents for fear that they would stop her.

She was busy treating the patients and the situation was very grim.

Melina became a victim of the epidemic for working continuously without taking rest.

Her parents rushed to see her. She was in a very serious state. She could barely speak.

Her father asked “Why are you torturing yourself as well as us, daughter?"

“I can't help it father. I can't bear to see people suffer."

“Your friends are enjoying life in America, earning a lots of money and living in comfort and look at you here - fighting for your life. I can't understand what your are getting by doing all this. If you don't care about yourself, at least think about your poor mother. Just see her condition. She has gone half mad worrying about you."

“Father I don't think I'll ever be able to convince you about my actions. All I can say is that I have the satisfaction that I have been able to save so many lives. Forgive me if I have tortured you. But please try to understand that I could not help it. I can't watch people dying all around me and not able to do anything for them."

After battling for a month, Melina died in her mother's arms.

The entire village was there at her cremation and there was not even one eye which was not wet with tears.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

A Friendship Between Frog And Snake

Today we are going to tell you the story about a friendship between a frog and a snake. We will also learn how to choose a friend. We should not make a decision while we are upset. We should wait atleast and ask ourselves what am I doing? Sometimes a decision may destroy you.

In a dense jungle there was a very old well. Many frogs lived there. A frog lived in a well with his friends and relatives. He was the king of all the frogs. All the frogs have to listen what he said. But some of the frogs revolted against him. Some frogs want to teach him a lesson. One frog was called Mojo.

Somehow the frog cleverly settled everything. Without any reason, all other frogs made Mojo a subject of their humiliation.  As a reason Mojo was very upset. They asked, “Hey Mojo! Where are you going? What’s the matter? You look very angry. Have you not eaten, Mojo? You are staring at me as you stare at your food.” So that Mojo was very angry with his friends, and said I will see you. so one day he came out of his well alone to teach them a lesson and went to the black poisonous snake who lived in a hole nearby.

The snake was surprised to see the frog standing and talking in front of him. The snake thought all the frogs were afraid of him “What the hell is going on?” The snake asked, “Why did you come here?”

The frog said, “My name is Mojo and I want to be your friend. Will you accept my friendship?”
The snake said, “What did you say? You want to be my friend? But we have always been enemies, then how can we be friends? I am seeing and hearing it for the first time in my life that a frog wants to befriend a snake.”

The frog said, “First , please hear my plan. My friends have created a lot of problems for me, so I want to punish them. You can come into my well and eat them all. Both of us are going to benefit from this friendship. I will take you into that well. You eat up all my crooked relatives and friends. You will tasty food and my enemies will cease to exist.”

The snake said “That’s a good plan. Just show me the way to enter the well because I don’t know how to swim then I will finish off all your enemies.” The snake agreed and make friendship with him.
The frog said, “Okay my friend. I will so you the way to get inside the well so that you can enter easily. But just one thing keep in mind, along with my enemies there are my family members  and relavies in the same well. I will show you who all frogs you have to kill.”

The snake, “Just take me inside that well I will finish all your enemies” Then Mojo took the deadly snake near the well and showed him the way through which he could easily go inside the well. So that Mojo reached inside the well along with the snake. Seeing such a vicious snake, all his enemies frogs were scared. Mojo was pointing to his enemies frogs one after the other. One by one the snake ate up all the friends and relatives of Mojo.

Mojo said, “What are you doing my friend? You are eating up all my relatives too. I had asked you to eat only my enemies, not my relatives.”
Then he said to the frog, “I have eaten all your relatives and friends, except your family. Now, I will have to eat you and your wife.”

Now Mojo was frightened and realised that he had made a great mistake; to punish his own people, he had brought an enemy into his well. Now he and his wife is in danger. He had to do something quickly to save himself and his wife.

Now what he will do? Can he fight against the snake?
Mojo was very intelligent, so he very quickly formulated a plan to save himself and his wife. He told the snake “Alright my friend. I will get you more frogs. But I will have to go outside well with my wife for that purpose.”

The snake asked, Why?

Mojo replied, “You know it my friend that all the frogs from this well are finished. I and my wife will go to some other well and strike a friendship with the frogs there and I and my wife will bring them here by hook or by crook.”

The snake asked, “And what if you don’t come back? Where will I go searching for you? Let me also come along with you.”

Mojo replied, “What are you saying my friend? No frog will accept my friendship if they see you with me. You don’t worry. Just have some patience. I will arrange for your food right here.
The snake became very happy and let the frog go to get more frogs. The frog and his wife jumped out of the well, never come back to that well again.

Monday, 4 December 2017

A Beautiful Woman and two Hunters [The story of hunters, beast and goddess of animals]

This is the story about two best friends Joe and Marshall. Both Joe and Marshall grew up playing together and became true friends. Joe and Marshall were the best hunters. Joe was the best shooter, he never miss his target and Marshall was extra ordinary strong man, he had the power to kill the animal like deer, bull, pig etc with his hand weapon. One day, Joe and Marshall went to the jungle for hunt and they were hunting for deer but instead they saw a beautiful woman wondered off and walking here and there. She was so beautiful that Joe and Marshall both fell in love with her. Joe went to her and asked “How come you here?” The woman replied that She had escaped from dangerous kidnaper and she lost her way back to her home. The woman met Joe and Marshall and then Joe promised “I and Marshall will protect you until you reach home safe.

The story of two hunters and the Goddess of animals
The two hunters and a beautiful woman

Later, the woman became good friend with Joe and Marshall. Her name was Medina. Her father was a king of Sumaria and she was a princess. She was kidnapped when her father was visiting some villages to help poor people.

Joe and Marshall both love Medina but they did not even touch her. Joe and Marshall want Medina to take her home safely. So that Joe, Marshall and Medina started journey to the kingdom of Sumaria.

When they started off to Sumarian kingdom a woodcutter saw Medina, Joe and Marshall walking in the jungle. Then he went to the king of Phero and told him that “A beautiful woman with two other men walking in the jungle.” The king asked to the woodcutter, “Where you saw them?” And then the king send his army to the jungle to get them but they were not found.

The king said to the woodcutter “When you see them again then come and tell me.”

The woodcutter went to another jungle after a few days and he saw them again. Then he returned to the king and told “Now they were hunting for animal.”

The king said, “Now they should not escape this time." The king himself went to the forest to arrest them.

The king met them and taken them to his palace as a prisoners. But the King wants Medina to be his Queen. Joe and Marshall were prisoners.

One night when Joe and Marshall were taken to another jail. Marshall saw that the security were busy with other prisoners so Marshall thought this would be the best chance to escape. So Marshall suddenly attacked and Joe picked up a gun and destroyed almost half soldiers of the Phero. Then they saved Medina.

Again they started journey to the kingdom of Sumaria, they walked thousands of miles. Hundred miles still away to reach Sumerian Kingdom. They took rest, Joe went for hunt. After having nice dinner three of them are very tired and then they slept.

When Joe and Marshall woke up, Medina was not there with them. Joe and Marshall were very sad. They don't know what to do and how to find Medina? They started searching Medina everywhere as much as they can but Medina was not found.

After three days a bird asked them “whom are you looking for?” They were shocked “Is this bird ? how could a bird speak like human being?” The bird said “In Sumerian Kingdom all the animals can speak.” So, they asked a bird “Have you seen a beautiful woman? ” The bird replied “Yes I saw a beautiful woman, a beast had taken her to the west. I couldn't follow the beast, I was scared, I thought that the beast might me. So I stopped following the beast.

Joe and Marshall started searching to the west, they saw a crow then asked “Have you seen a beautiful woman ?” The Crow said no. After that they saw some monkeys then asked “Have you seen a beautiful woman ?” The monkeys said no and then they saw a rabbit and asked “Have you seen a beast with beautiful woman?” The rabbit said “She had taken in this hade.” So that Joe and Marshall started to go inside the hade to fight against the beast to protect Medina but before that they prayed the God of hade to allow them to go inside the hade. The God of hade listened their prayer and said “You are allowed to come in my hade but be careful the beast is very strong and powerful. I am happy with your behavior because you prayed me before entering into the hade So, I will give you a silver bow and a arrow to kill the beast but if you missed your aim then the beast will kill you both and inside hade there is dark.”

They started to walk inside the hade and then they heard Medina's screaming. So, Joe started to be in his position to shoot the beast and Marshall went for fight. Marshall fought against the beast and Joe is ready to shoot but there is dark. Joe knew that the beast is very strong and he will put Marshall down. Then the beast put Marshall down then Marshall is shouting shoot and Joe shoot and killed the beast. They saved Medina again.

Joe and Marshall told Medina to start their journey but Medina said “I live here in jungle. I am the Artemis. I am the Goddess of animals. I had to hide all day and night to protect myself against the beast. And thank you very much for saving me and I will be your best friend forever. ”

Monday, 27 November 2017

How a jackal eat an elephant [The clever jackal, lion, tiger, vultures, leopard and dead elephant]

Once upon a time there was a jackal. He was very hungry, walking here and there and looking for something to eat. Many days passed but he did not find any food. One day he saw a dead elephant. The jackal was very happy that he had found food, but there was a problem. How a jackal eat an elephant? The elephant's skin is very thick for his teeth.

The jackal also knew that the skin of the elephant would be too thick for his teeth. He could not bite with his teeth. So, he wanted someone to make a cut in the skin of the dead elephant. But he did not want to share its flesh.

Then a lion came and the clever jackal said, “I was guarding this elephant for you to taste. Please have a bite. But the elephant was killed by a hunter and he may come at any time.”

But the lion said, “No. I kill the animals myself and then I eat them, and not the already dead ones. ” And then the lion walked away. Then a tiger came there; the jackal was afraid that the tiger might eat the whole elephant.

The jackal said, “I am looking after this elephant because I don't want anyone to eat it.”

The tiger walked to the elephant to eat it. Now the jackal was worried.

The jackal said, “Stop please. A hunter had killed this elephant with a poisoned arrow. Those who eat its flesh will aslo get poisoned and die.”

The tiger was scared and he quickly went away. Then two vultures came and the jackal told the same thing to them. The vultures also flew away.

Then the jackal was happy that no one had taken away the dinner he had kept for himself. But he still needed the thick skin of the elephant to be cut before he could eat the flesh of the elephant.

Then a leopard came by.

The clever jackal said, “This elephant was killed by a lion who has gone to get his family to eat it.”

The leopard said, “Oh! Then I should not have his dinner. If I had it then the lion will be very angry with me.” And started to walk.

Then the jackal said, “Don't worry, I am your friend. I will help you. ”

The leopard asked, “But how?”

The jackal replied, “I will keep a watch. You can have a bite of the elephant. When I see the lion coming back, I will tell you and then, you can run away from here.”

“How nice of you!” said the leopard and started biting the skin of elephant. When the jackal saw that the skin of the elephant had been cut by the leopard, he shouted, “Run ...... The lion is coming. ”

The leopard left the dead elephant and ran away. This was what the jackal had wanted. The skin of the elephant had been cut by the leopard's sharp teeth. Now the jackal had his dinner and enjoyed the flesh of the elephant for many days.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Daydream - A Man Who Had A Dream To Become Rich Man

Once upon a time there was a man he had a dream to become a rich man. He always thinking about making lots of money. He had a cow and he milked his cow and put the milk in an earthen pot to sell. He could not work on time because he got many dreams.

The story of a milkman
The Story Of A Milkman
The milkman milked his cow and put the milk in an earthen pot to sell. He had a dream to make lots of money. He could not work on time because he got many dreams.

One day, he got good money by selling the milk and bought more cows. Then the cows gave more milk which earned him a lot of money. He also prepared butter and curd from the milk.

He became rich by selling the butter and the curd in the market. Now he has got a lot of workers. Who used to milked his cows and prepared butter and curd from the milk.

One day, he married a beautiful girl and he was very happy with her. She cooked good food and looked after the house very well.

Soon, his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. As he grew, he played all over the house and making lots of noise.

One day, he became angry with his son and told him to stay quiet. But would not listen and kept on shouting.

So the milkman picked up a stick and ran after his naughty son. The milkman tripped on something and his leg went up and hit something.

Now look! What happened.........

The milkman suddenly woke up and he could not believe whether it was true or dream. There was milk all over his body. He had kicked the earthen pot of milk tied above his pot and the milk had spilled over him. He got up with surprise.

The milkman was alone on his bad. He had gone to sleep and had been daydreaming. There was no wife, no naughty son, no workers nothing except a cow. There was no milk to sell which could have got him all that he saw in his dream also read a man who sold his father's property and enjoyed with that money.

Monday, 13 November 2017

A Friend's Betrayal [Deer, Crow and Jackal]

A deer and a crow lived near each other in a forest. They saw each other daily but were not friendly each other.

A friend betrayed
The first conversation between deer and crow

The deer thought that the crow was not nice because  it was black and ugly. The crow thought that the deer was too beautiful to look at, so he must be proud and rude.

Both the deer and the crow remained aloof because they though that they would not get along well with each other. So, they never tried to speak with one another.

One day, they had a conversion and started liking each other a lot. The deer now loved to be with the crow, who would sit on his back and cry ‘caw, caw', all day.

Interrupted between two friends
A jackal interrupted between two friends

They would talk for a long time, and now both of them became good friends.

One day, a jackal came by and looking at the deer, said, “You're really very beautiful. Your skin is lovely and your flesh must be healthy and sweet too.”

The deer thanked the jackal. They started meeting again and again. The jackal would narrate many humorous incidents, and the deer liked the way the jackal made him love. The deer now began to spend more time with the jackal than with the crow.

One day, the jackal said, “You run very fast and you're very strong. You should eat good food to keep good health. ”

The deer replied, “I am happy with what I eat.”

The jackal insisted, “You should eat sweet corn. That would be very good for you. There is a field full of sweet corn. I will take you there.”

The deer agreed and went with the jackal to the field, where the deer got caught in a net laid by the farmers.

The jackal betrayed his friend deer
The jackal betrayed the deer

The deer told the jackal, “I am caught in a net. Please help me. You can bite the net off with your sharp teeth.”

The jackal said, “But I am fasting today, and cannot touch anything with my teeth. I will come tomorrow when my fast is over, then I will free you.”

The deer said, “You are not my friend. You planned to trap me.”

The jackal said, “Yes, I always wanted to taste your juicy flesh. By tomorrow, you will be dead.” And the jackal went away.

The deer felt  bad that he had trusted the jackal. Then he heard the sound, ‘caw, caw.' He looked up to see his old friend, the crow, sitting on a branch of a tree.

The deer thought, “Will the crow be my true friend and save me, or will he also betray my trust like the jackal? ”

The crow asked, “How did you get caught in this net?”

The deer replied, “The jackal tricked me. He is not my true friend. He wanted to eat my flesh. The farmer will soon be here. I must escape at once. ”

The crow said, “I will tell you what to do. You lie down as if you're dead. When I see the farmer remove the net, I will cry, ‘caw, caw’, and you can run away. ”

So the deer lay down without any movement. He closed his eyes when he heard the footsteps of the farmer coming.

The farmer thought that the deer was dead. So he removed the net.

Suddenly, the crow cried aloud, ‘caw, caw.’ Then the deer quickly jumped up and ran away.

The farmer threw his big stick at the deer but the stick did not hit the deer.

On the other hand, it hit the jackal who had come to check on the deer. In fact, the stick hit the head of the jackal and the jackal fell down, never to get up again.

The deer ran home quickly, so that the farmer could not catch him. The crow flew to its tree, all the while flying over the running deer. Then reached the forest where they lived.

They sat down to rest and the deer gratefully said to the crow, “Thanks you so much for saving me.”

The crow said, “Don't thank me. If you were in my palce, I am sure you would have done the same thing. The fact is that we both are friends and we always be there to help and look after each other. ”

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The hungry fox and the cock [ A matter of trust ]

A fox was very hungry. He was walking here and there for hunt. Suddenly he saw a cock sitting on the branch of a tree.

The fox wanted to eat the cock, but he knew that he could not climb up the tree.

The fox is very clever he got other plan and said to the cock, “Why are you sitting on the tree?” Is it to save yourself from me? But now I can't hurt you.”

The cock asked, “Why this sudden change of hurt?”

The fox said, “I have to be good. It has been decided in a meeting that now animals cannot kill each other for food.”

The cock laughing and asked, “Do you mean to say that lions and tigers will eat grass from today?”

The fox had no answer but he could not longer wait to eat the cock.

So the fox said to the cock, “This is very good question. Come down and we will go to the king to discuss about this with him.”

The cock laughed and said, “We need not go to them. It is not necessary. ”

“Why not? ” asked the fox.

The clever cock replied, “Because I can see your friends coming here.”

“Who are they?” asked the fox.

The cock knew that the fox was afraid of the hounds because the hounds could kill him.

The cock said, “Some hounds are coming. ”

The fox got scared and tuned to run away. Then the cock laughed and asked, “Why are you running away? You said no animal would kill each other for food. ”

The fox said, “Maybe the hounds have not heard of this meeting. ”

The cock was glad that he had not trusted the fox because now it was clear that the fox had been telling lies also read the old tiger.