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A Beautiful Woman and two Hunters [The story of hunters, beast and goddess of animals]

This is the story about two best friends Joe and Marshall. Both Joe and Marshall grew up playing together and became true friends. Joe and Marshall were the best hunters. Joe was the best shooter, he never miss his target and Marshall was extra ordinary strong man, he had the power to kill the animal like deer, bull, pig etc with his hand weapon. One day, Joe and Marshall went to the jungle for hunt and they were hunting for deer but instead they saw a beautiful woman wondered off and walking here and there. She was so beautiful that Joe and Marshall both fell in love with her. Joe went to her and asked “How come you here?” The woman replied that She had escaped from dangerous kidnaper and she lost her way back to her home. The woman met Joe and Marshall and then Joe promised “I and Marshall will protect you until you reach home safe.

The story of two hunters and the Goddess of animals
The two hunters and a beautiful woman

Later, the woman became good friend with Joe and Marshall. Her name was Medina. Her father was a king of Sumaria and she was a princess. She was kidnapped when her father was visiting some villages to help poor people.

Joe and Marshall both love Medina but they did not even touch her. Joe and Marshall want Medina to take her home safely. So that Joe, Marshall and Medina started journey to the kingdom of Sumaria.

When they started off to Sumarian kingdom a woodcutter saw Medina, Joe and Marshall walking in the jungle. Then he went to the king of Phero and told him that “A beautiful woman with two other men walking in the jungle.” The king asked to the woodcutter, “Where you saw them?” And then the king send his army to the jungle to get them but they were not found.

The king said to the woodcutter “When you see them again then come and tell me.”

The woodcutter went to another jungle after a few days and he saw them again. Then he returned to the king and told “Now they were hunting for animal.”

The king said, “Now they should not escape this time." The king himself went to the forest to arrest them.

The king met them and taken them to his palace as a prisoners. But the King wants Medina to be his Queen. Joe and Marshall were prisoners.

One night when Joe and Marshall were taken to another jail. Marshall saw that the security were busy with other prisoners so Marshall thought this would be the best chance to escape. So Marshall suddenly attacked and Joe picked up a gun and destroyed almost half soldiers of the Phero. Then they saved Medina.

Again they started journey to the kingdom of Sumaria, they walked thousands of miles. Hundred miles still away to reach Sumerian Kingdom. They took rest, Joe went for hunt. After having nice dinner three of them are very tired and then they slept.

When Joe and Marshall woke up, Medina was not there with them. Joe and Marshall were very sad. They don't know what to do and how to find Medina? They started searching Medina everywhere as much as they can but Medina was not found.

After three days a bird asked them “whom are you looking for?” They were shocked “Is this bird ? how could a bird speak like human being?” The bird said “In Sumerian Kingdom all the animals can speak.” So, they asked a bird “Have you seen a beautiful woman? ” The bird replied “Yes I saw a beautiful woman, a beast had taken her to the west. I couldn't follow the beast, I was scared, I thought that the beast might me. So I stopped following the beast.

Joe and Marshall started searching to the west, they saw a crow then asked “Have you seen a beautiful woman ?” The Crow said no. After that they saw some monkeys then asked “Have you seen a beautiful woman ?” The monkeys said no and then they saw a rabbit and asked “Have you seen a beast with beautiful woman?” The rabbit said “She had taken in this hade.” So that Joe and Marshall started to go inside the hade to fight against the beast to protect Medina but before that they prayed the God of hade to allow them to go inside the hade. The God of hade listened their prayer and said “You are allowed to come in my hade but be careful the beast is very strong and powerful. I am happy with your behavior because you prayed me before entering into the hade So, I will give you a silver bow and a arrow to kill the beast but if you missed your aim then the beast will kill you both and inside hade there is dark.”

They started to walk inside the hade and then they heard Medina's screaming. So, Joe started to be in his position to shoot the beast and Marshall went for fight. Marshall fought against the beast and Joe is ready to shoot but there is dark. Joe knew that the beast is very strong and he will put Marshall down. Then the beast put Marshall down then Marshall is shouting shoot and Joe shoot and killed the beast. They saved Medina again.

Joe and Marshall told Medina to start their journey but Medina said “I live here in jungle. I am the Artemis. I am the Goddess of animals. I had to hide all day and night to protect myself against the beast. And thank you very much for saving me and I will be your best friend forever. ”