Monday, 13 November 2017

A Friend's Betrayal [Deer, Crow and Jackal]

A deer and a crow lived near each other in a forest. They saw each other daily but were not friendly each other.

A friend betrayed
The first conversation between deer and crow

The deer thought that the crow was not nice because  it was black and ugly. The crow thought that the deer was too beautiful to look at, so he must be proud and rude.

Both the deer and the crow remained aloof because they though that they would not get along well with each other. So, they never tried to speak with one another.

One day, they had a conversion and started liking each other a lot. The deer now loved to be with the crow, who would sit on his back and cry ‘caw, caw', all day.

Interrupted between two friends
A jackal interrupted between two friends

They would talk for a long time, and now both of them became good friends.

One day, a jackal came by and looking at the deer, said, “You're really very beautiful. Your skin is lovely and your flesh must be healthy and sweet too.”

The deer thanked the jackal. They started meeting again and again. The jackal would narrate many humorous incidents, and the deer liked the way the jackal made him love. The deer now began to spend more time with the jackal than with the crow.

One day, the jackal said, “You run very fast and you're very strong. You should eat good food to keep good health. ”

The deer replied, “I am happy with what I eat.”

The jackal insisted, “You should eat sweet corn. That would be very good for you. There is a field full of sweet corn. I will take you there.”

The deer agreed and went with the jackal to the field, where the deer got caught in a net laid by the farmers.

The jackal betrayed his friend deer
The jackal betrayed the deer

The deer told the jackal, “I am caught in a net. Please help me. You can bite the net off with your sharp teeth.”

The jackal said, “But I am fasting today, and cannot touch anything with my teeth. I will come tomorrow when my fast is over, then I will free you.”

The deer said, “You are not my friend. You planned to trap me.”

The jackal said, “Yes, I always wanted to taste your juicy flesh. By tomorrow, you will be dead.” And the jackal went away.

The deer felt  bad that he had trusted the jackal. Then he heard the sound, ‘caw, caw.' He looked up to see his old friend, the crow, sitting on a branch of a tree.

The deer thought, “Will the crow be my true friend and save me, or will he also betray my trust like the jackal? ”

The crow asked, “How did you get caught in this net?”

The deer replied, “The jackal tricked me. He is not my true friend. He wanted to eat my flesh. The farmer will soon be here. I must escape at once. ”

The crow said, “I will tell you what to do. You lie down as if you're dead. When I see the farmer remove the net, I will cry, ‘caw, caw’, and you can run away. ”

So the deer lay down without any movement. He closed his eyes when he heard the footsteps of the farmer coming.

The farmer thought that the deer was dead. So he removed the net.

Suddenly, the crow cried aloud, ‘caw, caw.’ Then the deer quickly jumped up and ran away.

The farmer threw his big stick at the deer but the stick did not hit the deer.

On the other hand, it hit the jackal who had come to check on the deer. In fact, the stick hit the head of the jackal and the jackal fell down, never to get up again.

The deer ran home quickly, so that the farmer could not catch him. The crow flew to its tree, all the while flying over the running deer. Then reached the forest where they lived.

They sat down to rest and the deer gratefully said to the crow, “Thanks you so much for saving me.”

The crow said, “Don't thank me. If you were in my palce, I am sure you would have done the same thing. The fact is that we both are friends and we always be there to help and look after each other. ”