Friday, 3 November 2017

The old tiger

There was a tiger who had become very weak and old. It was no longer possible for him to hunt other animals. Thinking that it would be easier to catch men and women, he slowly walked to a village nearby. He went and sat on the edge of a muddy pond, waiting for someone to come by.

Many days passed by, but seeing the tiger, no one dared to come near the pond.

One day the tiger found a gold bangle. He knew that some people were very greedy. So he decided to use the gold bangle to trap greedy people and eat them.

He sat on the edge of the pond and whenever anyone come by, he would speak like a holy man, “Here is a gold bangle. Come and take it.” But those who saw him would get scared and run away.

Then one day, a man came to the other side of the pond to get some water.

The tiger shouted, “Here is a gold bangle. Come and take it. ”

The man replied, “I want the bangle but I am afraid that you might kill me.”

The tiger said, “I did kill in the past, but now I do not kill. I have sinned a lot. Now I want to be free of them. So every day, I take a bath in the pond and then give charity. Today, I want to give this gold bangle to you.”

The man said, “I want to take the gold bangle but what if you kill me? ”

The tiger said, “Just look at me. I am so weak and old and I cannot use my claws. Why do you fear me?”

The man believed the tiger and went into the pool to wade across the tiger. But his feet got caught in the mud and he got stuck in the pond.

The man shouted, “Help me please. I am stuck. I can't move at all.”

The tiger thought, “It is so good for me, my dear man, that you are greedy. Now I can really help you out or rather help myself. ”

The man shouted again, “Help me.”

The tiger shouted, “Don't worry, man. I am here. I am coming to help you out. You listened to me and now I will listen to you, and come and help you.”

And the tiger pounced upon the man. But the tiger did not help the man. It caught the man and jumped away from the pool to the other side.

Then the hungry tiger killed and ate the man, glad that the man had been greedy as well as very foolish.

The tiger then sat on the edge of the pond, with the gold bangle in his hand, waiting for another greedy man to come by also read the foolish tortoise.