Sunday, 5 November 2017

The holy man and the thief [ The problem money ]

Once a holy man lived in a deep, dark forest. He prayed and meditated a lot.

Many people would come to the forest and he would advise them on ways to deal with their problems. The pleased villagers presented him with lots of money. The holy man became worried that someone might steal his money. He kept the money in a cloth bag and carried it under his arm all the time.

Once a thief happened to pass by and saw the people offering money and gifts to the holy man. The thief hatched a plan to loot his money.

One day, he went to the holy man and said, “I respect you immensely and want to be your loyal follower.”

The holy man was very happy that someone would be staying with him. So he really agreed. All this while, the thief was eyeing the money and the gifts.

One day, taking advantages of the holy man's absence, the thief thoroughly searched his house, but failed to find any money.

The next day, the thief followed the holy man to the river. The holy man took off his clothes and stepped into the river. The moment he did this, the thief picked up his clothes and ran away. The holy man tried to chase him, but the thief was young and strong so he got away.

The holy man was very sad and upset to lose all his money. But then he realised that his greed for money had taken him away from God.

He wondered “When the money was with me, I always remained worried. But now that the money has been stolen, I have nothing to worry about. ”

He realised that money had made him suffet. He now knew that it was better to stay without too much money, and be happy and peaceful. Now the holy man, began spending his time in praying to God again and donating the gifts and money he got, to the needy. He found more happiness in that also read the foolish tortoise.