Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A man who sold his father's property and enjoyed with that money - He always forgives those who beg for pardon

Once upon a time, there was a man. He had two sons. The younger son said to his father, “ Father, please divide the property and I want my share now." Father divided the property between his sons. The elder son remained at home and younger son sold his share and collected everything and left for another country. He was an irresponsible young man. He spent his wealth lavishly, while he had money in his pocket, he had many friends who enjoyed his company. His so-called friends deserted him. He searched for a job.

A man enjoyed him to take care of his pigs. This was a very degrading work for a son of a wealthy man. But he was first ashamed and afraid to go back to face his father. He was not sure what his father would say. He wasn't sure whether his father would accept him in his house. On the other hand his life was miserable in the pigsty. His employer was an unjust man. He would not give him food to eat. Sometimes he had to steal  the food of the pigs to satisfy his hunger.

One day he decided to go back to his father and beg his pardon. Even if his father doesn't receive him back as his son, he would be willing to be employed as a paid servant. He walked back to his house. It was a long trek. His father, contrary to his son's fears, was actually waiting for him. He saw his son in tatters coming towards him. He ran and embraced him. The son said all that he had rehearsed to tell his father. The father was so happy that his son had returned and did not pay attention to what the son was saying. He arranged a banquet in honour of his son. He got him the best dress and a gold ring as a token of love. The ring was a sign that the father had accepted him as his son and heir.

The elder brother was away from home when his brother returned. As he came, he could hear the sound of celebration. He asked the servant what had been going on. The servant told him that his brother had returned home and father had arranged a celebration for his welcome.

The elder brother was so angry that he refused to enter the house. The news reached the ears of the father. He came out of the house to meet his elder son. He begged him to come and join the celebration. But he refused. He had few angry words for his father. He said, “ I have been serving you faithfully and you took me for granted. Now this sinner son of yours has returned and you treated him like a dignitary. "

The elder son accused his father and his brother. He did not address his  brother as ‘ my brother ' but ‘this sinner son of yours'. He decided to leave.