Sunday, 23 December 2018

The Story of Melina - who lived with her parents in a village near Sikkim

There was a young beautiful woman named Melina who lived with her parents in a village near Sikkim. She was studying to become a doctor. After she had completed MBBS, she managed to win a scholarship for studies in USA. She got her Master Degree and came back to serve in India while her friends stayed back. Melina's father was not happy with his daughter's decision. He wanted his daughter to make America her home, earn a lot of money and finally invite her parents and brother also to settle down in America. But Melina was adamant. “My country has spent thousands of rupees in educating me. I have to repay this debt. The only way I can do it is by serving the people here. Moreover, India and it's villages need good doctors.

She worked in a government hospital in the city. A year later an epidemic broke out in the nearby villages. Melina left immediately to serve these suffering people. She didn't even inform her parents for fear that they would stop her.

She was busy treating the patients and the situation was very grim.

Melina became a victim of the epidemic for working continuously without taking rest.

Her parents rushed to see her. She was in a very serious state. She could barely speak.

Her father asked “Why are you torturing yourself as well as us, daughter?"

“I can't help it father. I can't bear to see people suffer."

“Your friends are enjoying life in America, earning a lots of money and living in comfort and look at you here - fighting for your life. I can't understand what your are getting by doing all this. If you don't care about yourself, at least think about your poor mother. Just see her condition. She has gone half mad worrying about you."

“Father I don't think I'll ever be able to convince you about my actions. All I can say is that I have the satisfaction that I have been able to save so many lives. Forgive me if I have tortured you. But please try to understand that I could not help it. I can't watch people dying all around me and not able to do anything for them."

After battling for a month, Melina died in her mother's arms.

The entire village was there at her cremation and there was not even one eye which was not wet with tears.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

A Friendship Between Frog And Snake

Today we are going to tell you the story about a friendship between a frog and a snake. We will also learn how to choose a friend. We should not make a decision while we are upset. We should wait atleast and ask ourselves what am I doing? Sometimes a decision may destroy you.

In a dense jungle there was a very old well. Many frogs lived there. A frog lived in a well with his friends and relatives. He was the king of all the frogs. All the frogs have to listen what he said. But some of the frogs revolted against him. Some frogs want to teach him a lesson. One frog was called Mojo.

Somehow the frog cleverly settled everything. Without any reason, all other frogs made Mojo a subject of their humiliation.  As a reason Mojo was very upset. They asked, “Hey Mojo! Where are you going? What’s the matter? You look very angry. Have you not eaten, Mojo? You are staring at me as you stare at your food.” So that Mojo was very angry with his friends, and said I will see you. so one day he came out of his well alone to teach them a lesson and went to the black poisonous snake who lived in a hole nearby.

The snake was surprised to see the frog standing and talking in front of him. The snake thought all the frogs were afraid of him “What the hell is going on?” The snake asked, “Why did you come here?”

The frog said, “My name is Mojo and I want to be your friend. Will you accept my friendship?”
The snake said, “What did you say? You want to be my friend? But we have always been enemies, then how can we be friends? I am seeing and hearing it for the first time in my life that a frog wants to befriend a snake.”

The frog said, “First , please hear my plan. My friends have created a lot of problems for me, so I want to punish them. You can come into my well and eat them all. Both of us are going to benefit from this friendship. I will take you into that well. You eat up all my crooked relatives and friends. You will tasty food and my enemies will cease to exist.”

The snake said “That’s a good plan. Just show me the way to enter the well because I don’t know how to swim then I will finish off all your enemies.” The snake agreed and make friendship with him.
The frog said, “Okay my friend. I will so you the way to get inside the well so that you can enter easily. But just one thing keep in mind, along with my enemies there are my family members  and relavies in the same well. I will show you who all frogs you have to kill.”

The snake, “Just take me inside that well I will finish all your enemies” Then Mojo took the deadly snake near the well and showed him the way through which he could easily go inside the well. So that Mojo reached inside the well along with the snake. Seeing such a vicious snake, all his enemies frogs were scared. Mojo was pointing to his enemies frogs one after the other. One by one the snake ate up all the friends and relatives of Mojo.

Mojo said, “What are you doing my friend? You are eating up all my relatives too. I had asked you to eat only my enemies, not my relatives.”
Then he said to the frog, “I have eaten all your relatives and friends, except your family. Now, I will have to eat you and your wife.”

Now Mojo was frightened and realised that he had made a great mistake; to punish his own people, he had brought an enemy into his well. Now he and his wife is in danger. He had to do something quickly to save himself and his wife.

Now what he will do? Can he fight against the snake?
Mojo was very intelligent, so he very quickly formulated a plan to save himself and his wife. He told the snake “Alright my friend. I will get you more frogs. But I will have to go outside well with my wife for that purpose.”

The snake asked, Why?

Mojo replied, “You know it my friend that all the frogs from this well are finished. I and my wife will go to some other well and strike a friendship with the frogs there and I and my wife will bring them here by hook or by crook.”

The snake asked, “And what if you don’t come back? Where will I go searching for you? Let me also come along with you.”

Mojo replied, “What are you saying my friend? No frog will accept my friendship if they see you with me. You don’t worry. Just have some patience. I will arrange for your food right here.
The snake became very happy and let the frog go to get more frogs. The frog and his wife jumped out of the well, never come back to that well again.