Monday, 27 November 2017

How a jackal eat an elephant [The clever jackal, lion, tiger, vultures, leopard and dead elephant]

Once upon a time there was a jackal. He was very hungry, walking here and there and looking for something to eat. Many days passed but he did not find any food. One day he saw a dead elephant. The jackal was very happy that he had found food, but there was a problem. How a jackal eat an elephant? The elephant's skin is very thick for his teeth.

The jackal also knew that the skin of the elephant would be too thick for his teeth. He could not bite with his teeth. So, he wanted someone to make a cut in the skin of the dead elephant. But he did not want to share its flesh.

Then a lion came and the clever jackal said, “I was guarding this elephant for you to taste. Please have a bite. But the elephant was killed by a hunter and he may come at any time.”

But the lion said, “No. I kill the animals myself and then I eat them, and not the already dead ones. ” And then the lion walked away. Then a tiger came there; the jackal was afraid that the tiger might eat the whole elephant.

The jackal said, “I am looking after this elephant because I don't want anyone to eat it.”

The tiger walked to the elephant to eat it. Now the jackal was worried.

The jackal said, “Stop please. A hunter had killed this elephant with a poisoned arrow. Those who eat its flesh will aslo get poisoned and die.”

The tiger was scared and he quickly went away. Then two vultures came and the jackal told the same thing to them. The vultures also flew away.

Then the jackal was happy that no one had taken away the dinner he had kept for himself. But he still needed the thick skin of the elephant to be cut before he could eat the flesh of the elephant.

Then a leopard came by.

The clever jackal said, “This elephant was killed by a lion who has gone to get his family to eat it.”

The leopard said, “Oh! Then I should not have his dinner. If I had it then the lion will be very angry with me.” And started to walk.

Then the jackal said, “Don't worry, I am your friend. I will help you. ”

The leopard asked, “But how?”

The jackal replied, “I will keep a watch. You can have a bite of the elephant. When I see the lion coming back, I will tell you and then, you can run away from here.”

“How nice of you!” said the leopard and started biting the skin of elephant. When the jackal saw that the skin of the elephant had been cut by the leopard, he shouted, “Run ...... The lion is coming. ”

The leopard left the dead elephant and ran away. This was what the jackal had wanted. The skin of the elephant had been cut by the leopard's sharp teeth. Now the jackal had his dinner and enjoyed the flesh of the elephant for many days.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Daydream - A Man Who Had A Dream To Become Rich Man

Once upon a time there was a man he had a dream to become a rich man. He always thinking about making lots of money. He had a cow and he milked his cow and put the milk in an earthen pot to sell. He could not work on time because he got many dreams.

The story of a milkman
The Story Of A Milkman
The milkman milked his cow and put the milk in an earthen pot to sell. He had a dream to make lots of money. He could not work on time because he got many dreams.

One day, he got good money by selling the milk and bought more cows. Then the cows gave more milk which earned him a lot of money. He also prepared butter and curd from the milk.

He became rich by selling the butter and the curd in the market. Now he has got a lot of workers. Who used to milked his cows and prepared butter and curd from the milk.

One day, he married a beautiful girl and he was very happy with her. She cooked good food and looked after the house very well.

Soon, his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. As he grew, he played all over the house and making lots of noise.

One day, he became angry with his son and told him to stay quiet. But would not listen and kept on shouting.

So the milkman picked up a stick and ran after his naughty son. The milkman tripped on something and his leg went up and hit something.

Now look! What happened.........

The milkman suddenly woke up and he could not believe whether it was true or dream. There was milk all over his body. He had kicked the earthen pot of milk tied above his pot and the milk had spilled over him. He got up with surprise.

The milkman was alone on his bad. He had gone to sleep and had been daydreaming. There was no wife, no naughty son, no workers nothing except a cow. There was no milk to sell which could have got him all that he saw in his dream also read a man who sold his father's property and enjoyed with that money.

Monday, 13 November 2017

A Friend's Betrayal [Deer, Crow and Jackal]

A deer and a crow lived near each other in a forest. They saw each other daily but were not friendly each other.

A friend betrayed
The first conversation between deer and crow

The deer thought that the crow was not nice because  it was black and ugly. The crow thought that the deer was too beautiful to look at, so he must be proud and rude.

Both the deer and the crow remained aloof because they though that they would not get along well with each other. So, they never tried to speak with one another.

One day, they had a conversion and started liking each other a lot. The deer now loved to be with the crow, who would sit on his back and cry ‘caw, caw', all day.

Interrupted between two friends
A jackal interrupted between two friends

They would talk for a long time, and now both of them became good friends.

One day, a jackal came by and looking at the deer, said, “You're really very beautiful. Your skin is lovely and your flesh must be healthy and sweet too.”

The deer thanked the jackal. They started meeting again and again. The jackal would narrate many humorous incidents, and the deer liked the way the jackal made him love. The deer now began to spend more time with the jackal than with the crow.

One day, the jackal said, “You run very fast and you're very strong. You should eat good food to keep good health. ”

The deer replied, “I am happy with what I eat.”

The jackal insisted, “You should eat sweet corn. That would be very good for you. There is a field full of sweet corn. I will take you there.”

The deer agreed and went with the jackal to the field, where the deer got caught in a net laid by the farmers.

The jackal betrayed his friend deer
The jackal betrayed the deer

The deer told the jackal, “I am caught in a net. Please help me. You can bite the net off with your sharp teeth.”

The jackal said, “But I am fasting today, and cannot touch anything with my teeth. I will come tomorrow when my fast is over, then I will free you.”

The deer said, “You are not my friend. You planned to trap me.”

The jackal said, “Yes, I always wanted to taste your juicy flesh. By tomorrow, you will be dead.” And the jackal went away.

The deer felt  bad that he had trusted the jackal. Then he heard the sound, ‘caw, caw.' He looked up to see his old friend, the crow, sitting on a branch of a tree.

The deer thought, “Will the crow be my true friend and save me, or will he also betray my trust like the jackal? ”

The crow asked, “How did you get caught in this net?”

The deer replied, “The jackal tricked me. He is not my true friend. He wanted to eat my flesh. The farmer will soon be here. I must escape at once. ”

The crow said, “I will tell you what to do. You lie down as if you're dead. When I see the farmer remove the net, I will cry, ‘caw, caw’, and you can run away. ”

So the deer lay down without any movement. He closed his eyes when he heard the footsteps of the farmer coming.

The farmer thought that the deer was dead. So he removed the net.

Suddenly, the crow cried aloud, ‘caw, caw.’ Then the deer quickly jumped up and ran away.

The farmer threw his big stick at the deer but the stick did not hit the deer.

On the other hand, it hit the jackal who had come to check on the deer. In fact, the stick hit the head of the jackal and the jackal fell down, never to get up again.

The deer ran home quickly, so that the farmer could not catch him. The crow flew to its tree, all the while flying over the running deer. Then reached the forest where they lived.

They sat down to rest and the deer gratefully said to the crow, “Thanks you so much for saving me.”

The crow said, “Don't thank me. If you were in my palce, I am sure you would have done the same thing. The fact is that we both are friends and we always be there to help and look after each other. ”

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The hungry fox and the cock [ A matter of trust ]

A fox was very hungry. He was walking here and there for hunt. Suddenly he saw a cock sitting on the branch of a tree.

The fox wanted to eat the cock, but he knew that he could not climb up the tree.

The fox is very clever he got other plan and said to the cock, “Why are you sitting on the tree?” Is it to save yourself from me? But now I can't hurt you.”

The cock asked, “Why this sudden change of hurt?”

The fox said, “I have to be good. It has been decided in a meeting that now animals cannot kill each other for food.”

The cock laughing and asked, “Do you mean to say that lions and tigers will eat grass from today?”

The fox had no answer but he could not longer wait to eat the cock.

So the fox said to the cock, “This is very good question. Come down and we will go to the king to discuss about this with him.”

The cock laughed and said, “We need not go to them. It is not necessary. ”

“Why not? ” asked the fox.

The clever cock replied, “Because I can see your friends coming here.”

“Who are they?” asked the fox.

The cock knew that the fox was afraid of the hounds because the hounds could kill him.

The cock said, “Some hounds are coming. ”

The fox got scared and tuned to run away. Then the cock laughed and asked, “Why are you running away? You said no animal would kill each other for food. ”

The fox said, “Maybe the hounds have not heard of this meeting. ”

The cock was glad that he had not trusted the fox because now it was clear that the fox had been telling lies also read the old tiger.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

The holy man and the thief [ The problem money ]

Once a holy man lived in a deep, dark forest. He prayed and meditated a lot.

Many people would come to the forest and he would advise them on ways to deal with their problems. The pleased villagers presented him with lots of money. The holy man became worried that someone might steal his money. He kept the money in a cloth bag and carried it under his arm all the time.

Once a thief happened to pass by and saw the people offering money and gifts to the holy man. The thief hatched a plan to loot his money.

One day, he went to the holy man and said, “I respect you immensely and want to be your loyal follower.”

The holy man was very happy that someone would be staying with him. So he really agreed. All this while, the thief was eyeing the money and the gifts.

One day, taking advantages of the holy man's absence, the thief thoroughly searched his house, but failed to find any money.

The next day, the thief followed the holy man to the river. The holy man took off his clothes and stepped into the river. The moment he did this, the thief picked up his clothes and ran away. The holy man tried to chase him, but the thief was young and strong so he got away.

The holy man was very sad and upset to lose all his money. But then he realised that his greed for money had taken him away from God.

He wondered “When the money was with me, I always remained worried. But now that the money has been stolen, I have nothing to worry about. ”

He realised that money had made him suffet. He now knew that it was better to stay without too much money, and be happy and peaceful. Now the holy man, began spending his time in praying to God again and donating the gifts and money he got, to the needy. He found more happiness in that also read the foolish tortoise.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Foolish Tortoise

Once upon there was tortoise he had two friends. The tortoise lived near a river. It walked slowly but talked endlessly. It had two geese for friends. They enjoyed each other's company and had a nice time.

One particular summer, it didn't rain at all. The sun was so hot that all the rivers and lakes dried up.

The river near which the three friends lived also became dry. They had to search here and there for water to drink. It was not an easy task to do in the scorching heat of the sun.

So the three friends sat thinking as to what should be done. They looked around the place everywhere but could not find water anywhere nearby. So they planned to move to another lake.

They realized walking would not help since all the nearby ponds and lakes had dried up. So, they had to fly.

The problem was that the geese could fly but tortoise could not fly.

The tortoise said, “I have a plan. Get a stick and you both hold it at the two ends with your breaks, and I will hold the stick in the center with my mouth. ”

One goose said, “The plan is good but dangerous because you talk a lot and can't keep quiet for long.”

The other goose said, “If you open your mouth to talk while we are flying, then you will fall off the stick on the ground.”

The tortoise said, “Yes you both are right. If I fall, I will surely die. But don't worry. I will keep quiet. ”

So they got hold of a stick. One goose held it in its break at one end, and the other one held the stick at the other end. The tortoise caught the stick with his mouth in the center and they flew up. They flew over forests and hills, valleys and rivers, and when they passed over a city, many people looked at them curiously.

It was indeed a strange sight to see the two geese and a tortoise holding a stick and flying.

The people of the town had never seen such a thing so they started clapping and shouting.

The geese were worried that now the tortoise would start talking. They wanted to tell him not to talk. But they could not leave the stick, so they keep quiet.

The tortoise heard the people shouting. He tried to look down what was happening but could not see it.

Finally, the tortoise could not stop himself. He wanted to ask, “What is this noise?”

But when he opened his mouth to say this, he left the stick. The tortoise fell from the sky onto the ground and died. The poor geese could not do anything to save their friend. They realized that they had lost their friend forever also read the holy man and the thief the problem money.

Friday, 3 November 2017

The old tiger

There was a tiger who had become very weak and old. It was no longer possible for him to hunt other animals. Thinking that it would be easier to catch men and women, he slowly walked to a village nearby. He went and sat on the edge of a muddy pond, waiting for someone to come by.

Many days passed by, but seeing the tiger, no one dared to come near the pond.

One day the tiger found a gold bangle. He knew that some people were very greedy. So he decided to use the gold bangle to trap greedy people and eat them.

He sat on the edge of the pond and whenever anyone come by, he would speak like a holy man, “Here is a gold bangle. Come and take it.” But those who saw him would get scared and run away.

Then one day, a man came to the other side of the pond to get some water.

The tiger shouted, “Here is a gold bangle. Come and take it. ”

The man replied, “I want the bangle but I am afraid that you might kill me.”

The tiger said, “I did kill in the past, but now I do not kill. I have sinned a lot. Now I want to be free of them. So every day, I take a bath in the pond and then give charity. Today, I want to give this gold bangle to you.”

The man said, “I want to take the gold bangle but what if you kill me? ”

The tiger said, “Just look at me. I am so weak and old and I cannot use my claws. Why do you fear me?”

The man believed the tiger and went into the pool to wade across the tiger. But his feet got caught in the mud and he got stuck in the pond.

The man shouted, “Help me please. I am stuck. I can't move at all.”

The tiger thought, “It is so good for me, my dear man, that you are greedy. Now I can really help you out or rather help myself. ”

The man shouted again, “Help me.”

The tiger shouted, “Don't worry, man. I am here. I am coming to help you out. You listened to me and now I will listen to you, and come and help you.”

And the tiger pounced upon the man. But the tiger did not help the man. It caught the man and jumped away from the pool to the other side.

Then the hungry tiger killed and ate the man, glad that the man had been greedy as well as very foolish.

The tiger then sat on the edge of the pond, with the gold bangle in his hand, waiting for another greedy man to come by also read the foolish tortoise.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

A broken friendship between lion and bull

The lion and the bull broken friendship
Broken friendship between the lion and the bull

Once upon a time there was a cow one day, a cow wandered off and lost its way back to the village where it lived, and instead reached a forest. There the cow met a lioness. They became friends and were very happy together. After sometime, the cow gave birth to a bull calf and the lioness gave birth to a cub. Both the babies grew up playing together and became true friends.

A woodcutter saw the bull and the lion playing together, and went to tell the king about this unusual thing.

The king said to the woodcutter, “when you see the third animal with these two friends, then come and tell me."

The woodcutter returned after a few days and told the king that now a jackal also stayed with the bull and the lion.

The wise king said, “Now the jackal will not let them be friends. He will make them fight. So, let us go to the forest. "

The king was right. The jackal went first to the lion and said, “The bull is not your friend. He speaks ill about you behind your back.”

And then the jackal went to the bull and told the same thing to the bull. Both the bull and the lion were foolish and believed what the jackal said.

Instead of talking to each other and finding out the truth, they blindly believed the cunning jackal.

The deep friendship of the bull and the lion because of the jackal. They started disliking each other.

The lion and the bull
The bull and the lion

One day, a big fight ensured between the lion and the bull, they both fought fiercely. They both were badly  hurt and soon died.

This is what the jackal wanted.

Actually, he wanted to eat the flesh of the bull and the lion because he had never eaten such flesh before.

For his own selfish motive, he had created rift between the two good friends.

When the king came to the forest, he saw the jackal eating the flesh of the bull and the lion.

The King felt sorry that the bull and the lion had not trusted each other. They had believed whatever the jackal had told them about each other.

The King was very angry with the jackal for turning the two good friends into bitter enemies.

So he picked up his bow and arrow, and aimed at the jackal. The jackal did not see the King because he was busy eating the flesh of the bull and the lion.

The arrow hit the jackal and he died at once. The King went back to his palace still feeling sad about the broken friendship between the lion and the bull also read the hungry fox and the cock a matter of trust.