Saturday, 26 August 2017

When we do not get love from we loved one - we called it love in the dark.

“Love is the place where we grow up. Love is a heaven upon earth that provides you security and support. When we do not get love from someone we loved one. We could lost our breath."

Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to a simple pleasure.

People love each other by watching the beauty in the face. They do not try to know the behavior. They don't know how she or he behaving. Some people may act like a good person, some people may act like very good person. They just fall in love with his or her act later disappointed. If you don't see the real beauty you will be suffered. The real beauty is not in the face, the real beauty is in the heart. Do not love someone who act, love someone who can give hand when you need help.

But there were some people who misuse someone's love. A man named Robert he loves his wife Linda very much but he cheated on his wife. He had been affairing with another woman named Yushiki. He was working as an assistant manager in a bank, where he met a beautiful woman Yushiki she was working as a clerk. He always tried to attract her. Her used to help her when she needs help. He acted like he is honest, kindness, and gentleman infront of her. One day she fall in love him. He had been misusing her love. When Yushiki asked him for marriage he refused, he said I'm married I love my wife I can't marry you. Yushiki was disappointed. She was so depressed that she lost her breath for sometimes. Robert is a great cheater he cheats both his wife and Yushika.

Another story of man named Collins he is a honest, kindness, and gentleman. He had a wife named Emma. Collins was working in a private job he used to be busy everyday. Sometimes he used to bring his friend. Oneday he left his friend Roston in his house. He believes his wife and his friend. But they were having some fun and sex while husband is outside. Before he came Roston had have fun and leave. Collins was a great fool his friend Roston thought in fact he is intelligent. He knew that his friend Roston and his wife Emma had been affaring from last month. But he could not prove that his wife and his friend cheated him. That's why he put security camera and left his friend at home with his wife. Emma was a woman she loves her husband but she needs more pleasure.

“When someone leaves everything to get only one that is true love. True love is in the heart. "

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The things people want most, cause them most sufferings.

We all know that human want is unlimited and no one can satisfied their want. If you are unsatisfied you will be suffering and cannot enjoy healthy life. If you want more you are greedy and ignorance.
People live in the sea of sufferings because of ignorance and greed. They are ignorant of the law of ‘Karma' and are greedy for the wrong kind of pleasures. They do things that are harmful to their bodies and peace of mind, so they cannot remain satisfied and thus cannot enjoy life, said Buddha.

People are like children who want more and more candies. When they can't get they are upset. If they get all the candies, they soon get tired of them and want something else. Although, they get a stomach-ache by eating many candies, they still want more. The things people want most, cause them most sufferings.

To end sufferings, one must cut off greed and ignorance.
Bhudhist call the state ‘Nirvana' in which all sufferings end. It is an everlasting state of great joy of peace. This is the ultimate goal of Buddhism.
To end sufferings, selfish desire must be removed. Just as a fire dies when no fuel is added, so unhappiness will end when the fuel of selfish desire is completely removed, there will be no suffering.

A Great Warrior Bahardien Nimaham - true love is awlays with you in good times and in bad times

This is a story of the great warrior of the Farasian Kingdom Bahardien Nimaham. The love story of Monalisha. They both lived in Farasian Kingdom.

Great warrior Bahardien Nimaham
The Kingdom where Bahardien Nimaham lived

In 5th century there was a man named Bahardien Nimaham. He was very handsome, intelligent, strong and kindness man. He was working under the King Faraham as a General of Farasian Kingdom. He was one of the favourite General of the King. The King likes him and trust him very well but there were some people they feel jealous of him. There were some Generals among them who want to destroy the Farasian Kingdom.

Bahardien Nimaham
Great warrior Bahardien Nimaham

One day Bahardien Nimaham met a beautiful Princess named Monalisha the daughter of the King Faraham. When she saw him she completely fall in love with him. Monalisha totally fall in love as she would do anything for him. Bahardien Nimaham also loved her very much but he had to obey what the King had said he loved the Princess but he had to leave this beautiful Princess in order to obey the rules of Farasian King Faraham, he had to leave what he loved. Bahardien loves her but he had to walk away.

The Princess of Farasian Monalisha

He met Princess Monalisha and said, I respect your father. I am a General and you are a Princess. I had to walk away give up something I love, for what I loved even more. I save my tears for you.

Next day Bahardien Nimaham had to go for a battle against the Sasikha Empire with other three Generals. The three were those who wanted to destroy Farasian Kingdom. They betrayed Bahardien Nimaham. Nimaham was attacked from behind by his friends ( other Generals of Farasian ) before they battle against Sasikha Kingdom and thrown into the river. The three other Generals make friendship with the Sasikha Emperor the enemy of Farasian dynasty. They planned to attack Farasian dynasty after a week.

The three other Generals went back to Farasian dynasty and told their King that Bahardien Nimaham betrayed us. We were almost killed but somehow we escaped. Bahardien Nimaham was blamed as a prison. If Bahardien Nimaham was found he must be hanged to death, said the King.

After three days Bahardien came to Farasian dynasty. He was arrested no one believes him. The King said after two days Bahardien Nimaham will be hanged to death. The Princess was so sad. She said to her father whether he is good or bad we should give him another chance. But the King did not listen.

At the middle of the night the Princess released Bahardien Nimaham from the prisoned to prove himself that he was not a prison. The Princess said that I don't know whether you are good or bad but my heart says you are always good man. Bahardien replied, I will prove that I am a true General. Thank you very much for giving me new life.

After two days the Sasikha Emperor attacked suddenly and killed almost everyone. Bahardien Nimaham saved the King and killed thousand of Sashika's army. He saved the Farasian dynasty. The King gave him her daughter and made him the King of Farasian dynasty.

“Love is where you grow up. It is a heaven upon earth that provides you security and support also read the saddest love story between Ambrogio and Selene. ”

Monday, 14 August 2017

How Thunderstorms Becomes Cyclone

Before cloud formation, water takes up heat from the atmosphere to change into vapour. When water vapour changes back to liquid form as raindrops, this heat is released to the atmosphere. The heat released to the atmosphere warms the air around. The air tends to rise and causes a drop in pressure. More air rushes to the centre of the storm. This cycle is repeated. The chain of events ends with the formation of a very low pressure system with very high speed winds revolving around it. It is this weather condition that we called it cyclone. Factors like wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity contribute to the development of cyclone.

Cyclones can be very destructive. Strong winds push water towards the shore even if the storm is hundreds of kilometers away. These are the first indications of approaching cyclones. The water waves produced by the wind are so powerful that a person cannot overcome them.

Structure of cyclone 
The centre of the cyclone is a calm area. It is called the eye of the storm. A large cyclone is a violently rotating mass of air in the atmosphere, 10 to 15 km high. The diameter of the eye varies from 10 to 30 km. It is a region free of clouds and has light winds. Around this calm and clear eye, there is a cloud region of about 150 km in size. In this region there are high speed winds 150 - 250 km per hour and thick clouds with heavy rain. Away from this region the wind speed gradually decreases. The formation of a cyclone is a very complex process.

“In Orissa, 18 October, 1999 the cyclone smashed 45,000 houses making 7,00,000 people homeless. On 29 October the same year, a second cyclone with wind speed of 260 km/h hit Orissa again. It was accompanied by water waves about 9 m high. Thousands of people lost their lives."

Thunderstorms develop in hot, humid tropical areas like India very frequently. The rising temperatures produce strong upward rising winds. These winds carry water droplets upwards, where they freeze, and fall down again. The swift movement of the falling water droplets along with the rising air create lightening and sound. It is called thunderstorm.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Abraham Lincoln Achieved Great Success In Spite Of Repeated Failures

Abraham Lincoln was a President of the United States Of America. He was one of the greatest President of the United States of America.
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a one-room log cabin at Sinking Spring farm, south of Hodgenville, in Hardin County, Kentucky. After a land title dispute forced the Lincolns family to leave in 1817, they relocated to Knob Creek farm, eight miles to the north.

When Abraham Lincoln was nine years old he lost his mother, Nancy who died after a brief illness at the age of 34 in 1818. In 1819, just over a year after his mother's death, Abraham Lincoln's father Thomas married Sarah Bush Johnston, a Kentucky widow with 3 children of her own. She was a strong and affectionate woman with whom Abraham Lincoln quickly bonded.

Though both his parents were most likely illiterate, Thomas new wife Sarah encouraged Abraham to read. Abraham Lincoln spent a formative years, from the age of 7 to 21, on the family farm in Southern Indiana. As he was common on the frontier, Abraham Lincoln received a meager formal education. However, Abraham Lincoln continued to learn on his own from life experiences and through reading and reciting what he had read or heard from others. Reading material was in short supply in the Indiana wilderness. Neighbors recalled how Abraham would walk for miles to borrow a book. He undoubtedly read the family Bible and probably other popular books.

In 1830 twenty one year old Abraham Lincoln joined his extended family in a move to Illinois. After helping his father establish a farm in Macon County, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln set out on his own, making a living in manual labor. At six feet four inches tall, Abraham Lincoln was rawboned and lanky, but muscular and physically strong. He spoke with a backwoods twang and walked with a long striding gait. He was known for his skill in wielding an ax and early on made a living splitting wood for fire and rail fencing.

Abraham Lincoln eventually migrated to the small community of New Salem, Illinois, where over a period of years he worked as a shopkeeper, postmaster and general store owner. It was there that Abraham Lincoln working with the public, acquired social skills and honed storytelling talent that made him popular with the locals. When the Black Hawk War broke out in 1832 between the United States and Native Americans, the volunteers in the area elected Abraham Lincoln to be their captain.
He worked as a boatman, store clerk, surveyor, and militia soldier.

In 1834 Abraham Lincoln began his political career and he was elected to the Illinois state legislature as a member of the Whig Party. But he was defeated in the legislative race.

In 1844, Abraham Lincoln partnered with William Herndon in the practice of law. Though the two had different jurisprudent styles, they developed a close professional and personal relationship. Abraham Lincoln made a good living in his early years as a lawyer, but found that Springfield alone didn't offer enough work, so to supplement his income.

Abraham Lincoln served a single term in the US House of Representatives from 1847 to 1849. In 1848, intent on keeping his name before the national audience, Abraham Lincoln campaigned in Maryland and Massachusetts for Whig presidential candidate Zachary Taylor. Then he retired Springfield. Although elected in 1854 again to the state legislature, he promptly resigned to run for the US Senate, losing on the ninth ballot in the state legislature.

After his defeat, Abraham Lincoln abandoned the defunct Whig Party and joined the new Republican Party in 1856. This new national party was comprised of many former Whigs who opposed slavery.

In 1857, the supreme court issued it's controversial decision Scott vs. Sanford, declaring African's Americans were not citizens and had no inherent rights. Though Abraham Lincoln felt African Americans were not equal to whites, he believed America's founders created with certain inalienable rights. Abraham Lincoln decided to challenge sitting US Senator Stephen Douglas for his seat. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln became the president of the United States of America.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Whenever You Find A Problem That Needs Your Help. It Is Useless To Blame Upon Others Unnecessarily.

“Your moral responsibility as a human being is to help your fellow beings whenever they need your help. You must value the rights and interests of others and behave in a polite manner."

Once upon a time there was a small kingdom. Its ruler was a wise king. He did a lot to make the people of his kingdom prosperous.
Howevr, people were never satisfied. They always used to complain about lack of civic amenities.

One day the king ordered his men to place a boulder at the centre of a road. The king hid a pouch of coins under the boulder. Then, disgusting himself as a beggar, he watched the reaction of the people.

Many people passed by the boulder. A few travelers who came by dawn murmured, “What a disgusting rock, anyone could trip over a period thing like this in the dark." They walked off.
Then came some others who looked at the boulder and shook their heads. They too were amazed by the strange sight of the boulder on the road but passes by.

The next group of travellers said aloud, “Our king is inefficient. He can't even get his workers remove a boulder from the road."

A foreigner who had settled in the city recently uttered some really uncomplimentary words, “What a miserable state of affairs! I should never have migrated to this country. "

Then came a poor man who looked around as if he was looking for someone. He was upset on seeing the boulder in the middle of the road. He saw a beggar and said, “My dear friend, would you give me hand. Let us take this boulder to the side lest someone should trip over it." The beggar agreed. They both pushed the boulder to the side.

When they rolled the rock cover, there was the pouch under it. The man opened it and found plenty of money in it. There was also a small note from the King which said “To my most responsible subject with gratitude - The King ". The man was amazed. He said to the beggar, “You are lucky today as I am lucky. Half of this amount belongs to you because you were as responsible as I was in the eyes of the king. The beggar thanked the man but did not accept the money. The beggar was the King himself in disguise.